Critics Slam Khloé Kardashian for Hospital Bed Pic After Surrogate Gives Birth to Her Son

The Kardashian family is used to drama and with the start of the second season of The Kardashians on Hulu, fans are eager to share their two cents. The first episode was recently released, and fans are taken behind the scenes of the events we heard unfold months ago in the media. It’s no surprise that critics have something to say, particularly about a “photo op” picture of Khloé in the hospital.

The first episode focused in on Khloé and the time leading up to the birth of her son.

A whole lot happened in the first episode of The Kardashians, as Khloé not only learns that her on-again off-again partner Tristan Thompson is expecting a child with another woman but that Khloé is as well, via surrogate.

The episode ended with Khloé welcoming her baby into the world. Although the delivery and first moments weren’t filmed for the show, fans did get to see some photos.

Tristan wasn’t there for the birth, but he came to the hospital later.

Khloé made it pretty clear that she didn’t want her ex in the room while their second baby was being delivered via surrogate. But she did allow him to come afterward and see her in the hospital with their new son.

Khloé sat on the hospital bed in her pajamas cradling her new baby when Tristan came in, sat on the bed with her, and held his son. The tension was palpable for viewers — and a lot of people really felt for Khloé, who always seems to err on the side of whatever is best for her kids.

This moment on the show had a lot of other people talking too but was heavy on the criticism.

Khloé was in the hospital bed, in her pajamas, as Tristan met his son. It was confusing for some viewers about why Khloé was in bed, similar to how a new mom would be after labor and birth. With Khloé’s son born via surrogate, critics questioned why the new mom was in bed despite not laboring and birthing.

“I’m aware there are more important things going on in the world but i need to know why Khloe Kardashian is lying in a hospital bed with her new baby when she had a surrogate,” one person tweeted.

“Better photo op ????” one reply read.

“Okay but why are news outlets running pictures of khloe kardashian laid up in a hospital bed with her new baby like she birthed him and didn’t pay off a surrogate to do all the work for her,” another critic wrote on Twitter.

And critics sounded off on popular forums too.

“Renting a womb, commissioning a baby, erasing the surrogate mother and the realities of her experience and posing in a hospital bed as if that cost and reality was hers [is] deplorable,” someone on the Mumsnet forum wrote.

“I thought the same when i saw it. Like something out of handmaid’s tale,” another person shared in the forum. “At one point she is in a hospital bed in pj’s. Knowing them they probably shafted the surrogate out for a photo op. maybe even made pushing and breathing noises as the surrogate was giving birth.”

Others, however, came to Khloé’s defense.

“She had to stay in the hospital with the baby for at least a night,” someone tweeted. “Where did you want her to wait and be with him? On the waiting room?”

“Grown a– women trying to clown Khloe Kardashian for doing skin to skin with her newborn baby is beyond ignorant,” another person shared.

“I dont see anything wrong with it. It’s her child, shes in hospital meeting the baby, I’d use a bed for comfort too,” an anonymous person replied on the Mumsnet forum. “She’s obviously not given birth recently as full make up and dressed, so not making out she is the birth mother. The surrogate probably doesn’t want to be in the papers with all the publicity either, so may have requested to not be photographed or named.”

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