My 600lb Life star Gina Krasley dies at age 30 just weeks after revealing she was suffering from a mystery illness that had left her completely immobile

A former My 600lb Life star has passed away at the age of 30, just weeks after she revealed that she was struggling with a mystery illness that had rendered her complete immobile.

Gina Marie Krasley died at her home in Tuckerton, New Jersey on August 1 while ‘surrounded by her loving family’, her obituary revealed.

Her death comes just weeks after Gina opened up about her struggle with an unidentified illness that had left her unable to move, battling severe pain in her legs, and suffering from numbness in her fingers.

According to AceShowbiz, Gina shared her struggles in a social media video, in which she revealed she was receiving medical care at home and that she was scheduled to meet with a neurologist on July 29 – two days before she died.

Tragedy: Former My 600lb Life star Gina Marie Krasley has died at the age of 30, her family revealed in an obituary, just weeks after she revealed she was battling a mystery illness

It is not known whether she went ahead with her neurology appointment, and Gina’s obituary did not reveal any other details of her passing – instead focusing on celebrating the former TLC star’s life and passions, particularly her love of making TikTok videos.

‘Born in Galloway, NJ, Gina has been a lifelong resident of Ocean County, living in Forked River, Barnegat and Tuckerton for the last 6 years,’ the obituary begins.

‘Her greatest passion was dancing and she would make up dances with her sister and kids in the neighborhood growing up. She started the “dancing has no size limit” TikTok trend and she dreamed of one day opening up a dance studio for special needs children.

The former TLC reality star appeared on the eighth season of the show in January 2020 and while she was only seen losing just over 50lbs in the episode, she later revealed on social media that she had lost over 200lbs

‘Gina once appeared in a movie when she was younger called Walking to the Waterline and she enjoyed playing video games and spending time with her family.’

In the wake of Gina’s passing, her social media accounts were made private.

The obituary made no mention of Gina’s appearance on the TLC weight loss show, on which she documented her struggle to lose weight after a lifelong battle with obesity.

While appearing on a season eight episode of the series, Gina sought the help of bariatric doctor Younan Nowzaradan.

During the show, Gina opened up about struggling with feelings of neglect and abandonment as a child, explaining that she turned to food as a source of comfort.

‘My life has been hard,’ she said in the January 2020 episode. ‘The first thing I remember was my older sister Ali getting diagnosed with agoraphobia when I was seven and she was 11.

‘I felt like all of my mom’s attention was on my sister so I always felt my whole life like I was pushed under the rug. So that was a really hard time in my life and I got really jealous of my sister.

‘I remember what made me forget the pain of being abandoned was eating. And by the time I was ten, I was already over 150lbs.’

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